Case Studies

Andrew J. Cataldo
McGuireWoods LLP
Expertise: Business & Economy, Justice & Law

Preparing for a Pandemic: Putting H1N1 into a Business Survival Perspective

Attorney Andrew J. Cataldo, a partner at Atlanta-based McGuireWoods LLP, helps businesses prepare for and respond to business disruptions and crises, including the current swine flu pandemic. In August 2009, CNN producers wanted to look at the swine flu pandemic from a new perspective, but traditional search methods weren’t yielding results. Because Mr. Cataldo was listed on the Exchange, CNN was able to find his story idea “How Swine Flu Can Hurt the Bottom Line of Companies.” A quick review of Mr. Cataldo’s profile page and video clip confirmed that Mr. Cataldo was the expert that CNN was looking for.

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Steven M. Hilton
President and CEO
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Expertise: Social Issues, Philanthropy, Humanitarianism

Delivering Humanitarian Help to the Disadvantaged and Vulnerable

When Steven M. Hilton was considering new ways to promote the work of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s grantees, he turned to NewsCertified Exchange. Working with a NewsCertified veteran journalist, he polished his core messages.

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