Delivering Humanitarian Help to the Disadvantaged and Vulnerable

When Steven M. Hilton was considering new ways to promote the work of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s grantees, he turned to NewsCertified Exchange.  Working with a NewsCertified veteran journalist, he polished his core messages.   

Since 1998, Mr. Hilton has been CEO and president of the foundation started by his grandfather, the late Conrad Hilton, renowned international business leader and founder of Hilton Hotels worldwide. Journalists searching NewsCertified's database for social philanthropy experts will find that Mr. Hilton is an informed source on philanthropy's role in addressing major humanitarian issues such as safe water development, chronic homelessness, youth substance abuse, blindness prevention and early childhood development.  He has been with the foundation for more than 25 years. 

Since its inception, the foundation has awarded nearly $900 million in domestic and international grants and has an annual grant-making budget of approximately $80 million (which includes the world's largest annual humanitarian award, $1.5 million). 

A foundation's success depends on the success of the programs and organizations it supports, according to Mr. Hilton.  Media exposure can play an important role in achieving that success by highlighting an important cause and exposing the work of good organizations so they can attract new supporters and volunteers and increase their funding.  While the Hilton name and the Hilton Foundation may be well known, many of the organizations that the foundation sponsors, like the Corporation for Supportive Housing and the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security, are not.  The solution: NewsCertified Exchange.

The Hilton Foundation plans to have several experts from its grantee organizations sign on with NewsCertified in 2010.  With NewsCertified, these nonprofit leaders will learn how to deliver meaningful and engaging interviews, and they'll receive certification that tells journalists they are knowledgeable, credible and interview-ready. Additionally, as members of the online Exchange, these experts will be connected to journalists around the world 24/7.

"NewsCertified can provide the Hilton Foundation with a vehicle that allows us to directly get the word out about our grantee organizations' efforts and thought leadership to the media," notes Mr. Hilton.  Having the grantees on the Exchange also benefits journalists and news consumers by exposing them to new voices and new story ideas.  Says Mr. Hilton, "The leaders of our grantee organizations have varied and unique expertise that journalists might not be aware of if it were not for the NewsCertified database."

Mr. Hilton is one of hundreds of experts who have gone through NewsCertified’s training sessions since the company was founded in 2009. With NewsCertified, Mr. Hilton and the Hilton Foundation are able to manage their media exposure with minimal effort, enabling them to focus on what they do best:  addressing some of the world’s most pressing social problems and improving the lives of millions.

NewsCertified Expert Quickfacts

Steven M. Hilton

President and CEO
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Expertise: Social Science, Philanthropy, Humanitarianism

Story Pitch: “Delivering Humanitarian Help to the Disadvantaged and Vulnerable”

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