Frequently Asked Questions

Through an online Exchange, NewsCertified connects journalists with subject matter experts. NewsCertified's unique training and certification process ensures that all experts are "interview-ready" - capable of delivering compelling TV, radio and/or print interviews. In addition, the Exchange provides a searchable pitch section where journalists can find unique story ideas that have been submitted by our experts.
Former CNN executives, with the input from journalists globally, founded NewsCertified, having experienced first-hand how tight deadlines and lean budgets make it difficult for journalists to find interesting, new people for their stories. NewsCertified's founders wanted to deploy an intelligent solution that would help journalists find credible, media-savvy sources fast.
Faced with declining revenues, news organizations are downsizing. Yet with 24-hour news networks and the proliferation of online outlets, the demand for news continues to grow. By streamlining the newsgathering process, NewsCertified enables journalists to do more with fewer resources. For the first time, journalists have an accessible and objective resource for finding credible, interview-ready experts on demand.
NewsCertified offers experts and their organizations a journalist-preferred channel for establishing strong relationships with the news media. Traditional methods of “pushing” press releases and solicitations towards the media often fail to capture the attention of busy journalists. By enabling journalists to “pull” experts as needed 24/7, NewsCertified offers organizations a cost-effective and targeted means of marketing their expertise to the news media.
NewsCertified’s certification course was developed and is administered by seasoned journalists. Experts emerge from a hands-on, highly customized training session with the perspective, skills and confidence they need to apply their unique points of view to a variety of news situations. Following the session, experts are awarded certification in TV, Radio and/or Print, depending on each individual’s ability to meet specific certification criteria.

Each training session also includes a taped interview, an edited portion of which is placed on the expert’s online profile page to demonstrate his or her interview-readiness.

First, NewsCertified works with an organization’s communications representative(s) to identify the best certification candidates and their goals for the certification process. A training date is then scheduled. Prior to the certification session, a NewsCertified Media Strategist conducts a brief pre-screen phone interview with the expert that will help customize the training. Individual, executive-style certification sessions run approximately two hours, and group sessions (2-5 experts) run between 3-4 hours, depending on the size of the group.
After being certified, experts are invited to join NewsCertified’s Exchange, a searchable online community open to journalists and our expert network. Each expert has an individual profile page that contains key information journalists need, including a video clip, biography, contact information, story pitch and NCE certification types, Journalists contact experts or their representatives directly.
NewsCertified’s community of experts is growing every day. This evolving database reflects topics that are covered by the global news media, including politics, international affairs, the economy, health care, education, technology and the environment.
NewsCertified is free of charge to journalists. Experts pay a fee that includes certification, production of a video clip, inclusion in a peer network of industry leaders, and exposure to a worldwide community of journalists. For information about pricing, please contact us.
Yes. NewsCertified augments PR agencies’ ability to generate stories for their clients. NewsCertified works closely with the PR agencies to ensure that their clients’ PR objectives are being met and to optimize their clients’ exposure to journalists.
An expert has authoritative knowledge, skill, or aptitude in a particular subject or subjects. This knowledge and insight can be based on education, study, research, and/or experience. The expert's profile page on NewsCertified’s Exchange will clearly indicate the level and foundation of the person's expertise.
A journalist presents timely reports of events and subjects at the local, national and/or international level. In reporting on these events or subjects, a journalist is responsible for gathering the best possible information and facts, seeking the truth and presenting the story to an audience in an accurate, honest and balanced manner. The journalist maintains independence from the subject matter while striving to present the information in a relevant and engaging manner. NewsCertified expects all journalists using its database to follow the code of ethics as adapted by the Society of Professional Journalists.


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