Buzz About NCE 


“For experts looking to raise their voices above the noise, this event is the best place to start. Through my presence on, I gained traction with journalists from the Associated Press, Forbes, MSN and other outlets, who otherwise wouldn’t have found me.  My initial investment in NCE was returned to me very quickly.  The organization has the utmost integrity and the individuals involved are a who’s who of industry, journalism and communications.”

Sharon Lechter, Co-Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad


"This is a genuine breakthrough for our industry."

Lynn Sherr, Award-winning broadcast journalist (ABC, PBS)


"NewsCertified exposes journalists to an unprecedented diversity of voices, views and potential news stories worldwide. The lines of traditional and new media have blurred, and through NewsCertified, new voices and content will reach the broadest spectrum of audiences."

Chris Boskin, Former Chair of the Board for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting


"As media platforms converge and information networks approach warp speed, the need for quick, reliable sources of expertise and insight has never been greater. By grafting 21st century technology to solid story-telling techniques, News Certified Exchange has brought digital efficiency to the global newsroom and upped the ante for Journalism 2.0."

Guy Garcia, Author of The New Mainstream


"NewsCertified executives represent the very highest standards in the news profession. As experienced journalists and media professionals, they have demonstrated their passion for quality and are simply the best at what they do. I know of none better qualified to ensure that experts are well prepared to meet the expectations of journalists worldwide."

Tom Johnson, Former Chairman, CNN; Former Publisher, Los Angeles Times


"NewsCertified Exchange is revolutionizing the media guest booking process by providing journalists with a dynamic information tool designed to help identify and certify uniquely credentialed experts across a wide spectrum of current global topics."

Joy DiBenedetto, President, HUM Human Unlimited Media; Former Vice President, CNN WorldwideNetwork Booking and Research (2001-2008)


"Love the ability to see the experts on tape and the instant bio. Also, good story ideas. You’re on to something."

National Reporter, Fox Business Network


"As a journalist, I like that NewsCertified Exchange has a searchable database of story ideas. It's great to have access to the experts' pitches, as they are aware of things that I am not. And the Exchange is a huge time saver. It certainly saves me from spending hours combing through the Internet, newspapers and magazines for stories that someone else has already covered."

Freelance Journalist, NPR and China Daily


"I didn't find one source on your site that didn’t have the credentials to back up their expertise on a specific topic, making it an easy jump to grab the phone and make a quick call for an interview."

Reporter, The Associated Press


"The pros at NewsCertified offered great tips to our faculty. As one professor put it: 'The media training was terrific, in fact, a real eye opener. I wish I had known this stuff years ago!'"

Scott W. Hood, Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs, Bowdoin College


"Based on the strength of NewsCertified’s relationships, I appeared in a Vanity Fair article and subsequently was mentioned on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The true value of NewsCertified for experts lies in the company's ability to connect journalists with organizations and their experts."

Mark Rasch, Former head of the computer-crime unit, U.S. Department of Justice


"The media training and certification process was extremely valuable, giving me many strategic and tactical tools for pitching stories and presenting myself to the media. Within a month of this training, my work was featured in a Wall Street Journal column."

Jeff Belkora, Decision Services and Assistant Professor, Surgery and Health Policy, UCSF


"Thanks to NewsCertified Exchange, I appeared on CNN Newsroom shortly after becoming active on the NewsCertified database. The tools and training I got from NewsCertified were invaluable in my preparation for and delivery of that live CNN interview, and in other media opportunities since then. If you want the skills and understanding to deliver real-time value to journalists and reporters, don’t leave home without a NewsCertified affiliation."

Andrew Cataldo, Partner, McGuire Woods LLP


"NewsCertified's training was empowering… I was immediately able to put
it to use when I got a call for an interview just one week later."

Traci Fenton, Founder and President, WorldBlu


"I just had to thank you again for your expert media training through News Certified. It has prepared me well for the barrage of media interest in China climate and energy issues during the lead up to the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen...I also appreciated the tool box of practical “tricks of the trade” Mike Chinoy shared with me based on his 30 years of experience as an international correspondent. It is so gratifying to train with the best!"

Barbara Finamore, Founder and Director of the China Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council


"Meridian is proud to be represented on News Certified, and looks forward to being a resource for the news media, as journalists look to understand and cover a world that is changing rapidly every day."

Ambassador Stuart W. Holliday, President and CEO Meridian International Center


"Through NewsCertified's media training, our personnel developed the skills necessary to reach local, national and international audiences. HIghlighting the expertise of our physicians is critical to advance UC Irvine's mission to discover, teach and heal. With the assistance of the NewsCertified team, we are now able to share our exciting advances in research and clinical care throughout the world."

John A. Heydt, M.D., President & CEO, University Physicians & Surgeons, University of California, Irvine


"One of our clients was on CNN within a couple of days of being posted to News Certified. I truly believe that's because it's a site designed by journalists, for journalists. From our clients' perspectives, it helps hone their messages, gives them confidence through training, and offers them up to major newsrooms. And from the media's perspective, it takes away the guesswork of whether a guest is all he or she is cracked up to be when the camera gets turned on. This takes that symbiotic relationship between the media and PR to a whole new level. "

John Boit, Senior Partner, Melwood Global


"NewsCertified Exchange will revolutionize Public Relations."

Carolyn Tieger, Former Partner and Managing Director, Porter Novelli, Washington, DC


"Every PR firm will want to use NewsCertified."

Marian Salzman, Trend Spotter, President Euro RSGC Worldwide PR


"Our thanks to you and your team! Everything and everyone has been tremendous. We look forward to bringing more people onto NewsCertified."

Diane Eichler, Founder, Alchemy Public Relations