Students contact their parents 13 times a week via text, email, or pho

Barbara Hofer
Middlebury, VT

Social Science Education


Barbara Hofer, PhD
Assoc. Professor of Psychology
Middlebury College
As a psychology researcher, she has found that the “electronic tether” of cell phones and email keeps college students in frequent contact with parents, and can inhibit the students’ development of self-regulation and autonomy.
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Psychology researcher Barbara Hofer has taught at Middlebury College since 1998. In addition to her "electronic tether" research, she investigates how beliefs about knowledge and knowing relate to learning, including how individuals justify what they know, how certain they think knowledge is, and how they decide what sources have credibility.

Hofer has written numerous articles and has edited a book titled “Personal Epistemology: The Psychology of Beliefs about Knowledge and Knowing” (2002). She has also received national awards in both teaching and research, from the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association. Hofer, who specializes in developmental, educational, and cultural psychology, received her undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida, a master’s from Harvard University, and her doctorate from the University of Michigan.

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An electronic tether could tie a young adult to the nest
Cell phones and emails keep college students in contact with parents, but can often inhibit students’ psychological development.
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