Catholicism: The ethics of death and dying

Daniel Daly
Manchester, NH

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Daniel Daly, PhD
Assistant Professor Theology
Saint Anselm College
Daniel J. Daly, Ph.D., is assistant professor of theology at Saint Anselm College. He teaches Medical Ethics, Christian Social Ethics, Social Justice and Humanities. He can discuss many aspects of Catholic theological ethics, especially the ethics of death and dying, access to health care, the ethics of consumerism, capitalism, and poverty. He is also able to discuss the intersection of faith and politics, and issues of war and peace.
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Dan Daly earned his Ph.D. in Theological Ethics from Boston College. His research interestes include the ethics of  Thomas Aquinas, medical ethics, the ethics of death and dying, social ethics, and consumerism. He has been on faculty at Saint Anselm since 2006.

Story Pitch

The Ethics of Making End-of-Life Medical Decisions
As the health care law comes up for new scrutiny, the cost of end and value of some types of care at the end of life is entering public discussion again. Decisions on end of life medical care are among the most wrenching a family can face. There is, however, an ethical framework that can help patients, families and society think through the hard questions.
Recent Publications/Appearances

Dr. Daly discusses an ethical framework for end-of-life decision making at

Structures of Virtue and Vice” New Blackfriars, forthcoming, summer 2010

“The Relationship of Virtues and Norms in the Summa theologiae” Heythrop Journal 51 (2010): 214-229.

“Prudence and the Debate on Death and Dying” Health Progress 88 (2007): 49-54.


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