Political Interference in the Chinese Judiciary

David C. Buxbaum

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David Buxbaum, PhD
Senior Attorney
Anderson & Anderson LLP
David Buxbaum is a leading expert in law in China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macao and the United States, specializing in intellectual properly, litigation, law reform and corporate finance.
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Mr Buxbaum is fluent in both oral and written Chinese.  He was the first American lawyer invited to China to represent American business interests in 1972, after President Nixon’s historic visit.  He founded his firms first office in Guangzhou (Canton).  Subsequently, the firm opened offices in elsewhere in China and Asia.  Mr Buxbaum is a well regarded expert on private international and Chinese law who, in addition to being an experienced and highly respected practitioner, has also published extensively in the law field.  He has always been the primary author and reviser of the China Law Digest, Mongolia Law Digest and Macao Law Digest for the Martindale-Hubbell directory.

In addition to international transactional matters, Mr Buxbaum, is also professionally active in litigation, particularly regarding international business disputes, as well as intellectual property and commodities and securities matters.  He represented the successful respondents before the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case of Butz v Economou and successfully handled a leading IP case in China, namely Microsoft vs Juren.

Education: New York University (B.A., 1954); University of Michigan (J.D., 1959) concurrent graduate studies, University of Michigan Graduate School; graduate study, Harvard University and University of Washington (M.A., 1963; Ph.D., 1968).

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China's Judiciary Fails to Modernize, Lags Behind Government Development
The failure of the Chinese legal institutions to modernize has now been recognized by the chief judges of China's Supreme Court and the head of the Procuratorate. Judicial institutions may be the most backward governmental organizations in China.
Recent Publications/Appearances


November 2012 The Mining Law Review "Chapter 25 Mongolia"

Septeber 2012 South China Business Journal "The American Events Act and the Patent Law of China"

August  2012  biz.hk "Rule of Law in China: The Falling Trajectory"


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IMPORTANT CASES: Sole Counsel for Successful Respondents, Butz v. Economou, 438 U.S. 478, 1978; Counsel for Successful Claimants, Microsoft, Autodesk and Wordperfect v. Juren, Beijing Intermediate Court, 1996.


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