Can Social Media Be a Reliable Tool for Journalists?

David Clinch
Atlanta, GA

Media & Communications Technology


David Clinch
Editorial Director
David Clinch is prepared to speak about social media and its effects on the industry of professional journalism. He can highlight social media's potential use as a reliable newsgathering tool and methods for low-cost content management. He can also speak about the use of Skype by the Broadcast and Media Industry.
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Atlanta, GA 30338
United States
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David Clinch is founder and President of Clinch Media Consultancy.  He consults for a number of companies and organizations to develop a better Social Media and Skype strategy.  He is also assisting in the development of a new Web News Content service, Storyful, and is Editorial Director at  Clinch is also launching a new Global real-time Web Service called "WorldAlert."   WorldAlert  uses the power of the Web and Skype to create a platform that will help save lives during emergencies, natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Clinch was part of the management team on the CNN International Desk in Atlanta and pioneered the use of Social Media for International Newsgathering at CNN.  He played a leading part in training CNN staff in using Twitter, Skype and other online services for finding breaking news, guests and content.

He also developed a newsgathering system for CNN that is centered around an internal Sharepoint website with newslinks and built-in RSS feeds.  This "iDesk" system also harnessed the power of Twitter, Skype and other web resources to allow CNN to find news and content online and to stay one step ahead of competitors.

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