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Derreck Kayongo
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Derreck Kayongo
Global Soap Project
Derreck Kayongo is founder of the Global Soap Project which ships tons of recycled soap to African refugee camps. As a former refugee and victim of war in Uganda, Derreck brings his unique background to assist in working with African relief efforts.
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Derreck Kayongo is a former refugee who left Uganda during the Idi Amin era and lived in Kenya with his family, eventually finding his way to the United States.  He is now a United States citizen.

In response to his past, Kayongo founded the Global Soap Project, a Non Profit organization that recycles partially used hotel soap and makes new soap. This soap is then shipped to refugee camps where this is an incredible need for proper sanitation. Two million children die every year from respiratory diseases and diarrhea.  Kayongo has built this organization with the belief that global poverty requires innovation and entrepreneurship like any successful business.

During his career, Kayongo has worked for Amnesty International, where he was the Southern Regional Director; American Friends Service Committee as the South African Peace Education Program Director and CARE International as the Senior Advocacy Regional Coordinator.

As an Executive and Development expert, Kayongo leverages his skills in Advocacy and Constituency Building to develop strategic social campaigns for cause-related advocacy, public policy, issue management, and community organizing to make a profound contribution in raising awareness aimed at permanent solutions to end extreme global poverty. Derreck says this journey has taught him one simple lesson: When you find yourself in a potentially negative life changing moment, do not focus on the ugliness of the situation, rather determine to learn from it and where possible use the situation to advance humanity and you will be rewarded for your gumption.

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That left over hotel soap can do a lot of good
The Global Soap project collects the soap, cleans it, and sends it to those in need.
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