Can Carbon Offsets Stop Global Warming amid Government Inaction?

Gary Gero
Los Angeles, CA

Environment Politics


Gary Gero
Climate Action Reserve
Gary Gero serves as President of the Climate Action Reserve, North America's largest carbon offsets registry, and is a member of the CFTC's Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee. He is uniquely positioned to speak about high quality offsets, the role of state and regional climate change policy in the absence of federal action, development of California's landmark bill AB 32 and use of market-based incentives to protect the environment.
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Carbon offsets are central elements to international, national, regional and state-level climate change policy.  Gary Gero serves as the President of the Climate Action Reserve, an environmental nonprofit organization that has grown into North America's largest carbon offsets registry.  Under his guidance, the Climate Action Reserve has become widely regarded as the most rigorous and transparent carbon offsets program and its offset credits have consistently sold among the highest valued credits on the market.  

Gary is also a member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee and serves on the Steering Committee of the California Sustainability Alliance.

Prior to joining the Climate Action Reserve, Gary managed the Green LA programs at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the largest municipal utility in the nation. In that capacity, he redesigned and restarted the Solar PV Rebate Program and oversaw a significant expansion of the energy efficiency programs. His role also included managing the advanced transportation, green power, distributed generation, and tree planting programs.

Gary’s career includes nearly 20 years of work in local government, primarily in the City of Los Angeles where he served as Air Quality Director and subsequently Assistant General Manager for the Environmental Affairs Department focusing on climate change, sustainable development, energy policy, and alternative fuel vehicles.

Gary holds a Master of Science degree in Social Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics and a pair of undergraduate degrees from the University of California at Berkeley.

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