Nuclear Power: A Necessary Next Step for the US?

Jack Edlow
Washington, DC

Energy Business


Jack Edlow
Edlow International Company
Jack Edlow has been President of Edlow International for 40 years. His business supports nuclear suppliers worldwide. Mr. Edlow is ready to discuss the positive impact of nuclear power on future energy needs, the safety of nuclear power, and nuclear waste disposal, including Yucca Mt.
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Washington, DC 20009
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Mr. Jack Edlow started his career in the nuclear business at the age of 17 when he spent nine weeks as a summer intern at Nukem in Germany. After graduating from George Washington University with a BA in business administration, he joined his father Sam Edlow at Edlow International Company in 1969, becoming Vice President one year later.

He had responsibility for routine activities such as import/export licensing and package approval for all fuel cycle materials. After an "apprenticeship" of eight years, he succeeded his father as President of the company in 1978. He now has over thirty years experience in the management and warehousing of nuclear materials, providing logistical support services for nuclear fuel suppliers and users worldwide, carrying out market studies, and procurement and sales of materials and services on behalf of clients.

Mr. Edlow is also Managing Director of Edlow International Australia Pty Limited, Edlow's Australian subsidiary in Melbourne. As President of Edlow East-West Inc, he has travelled to many Russian nuclear facilities and acquired extensive personal knowledge the Russian nuclear industry.

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What is Japan's impact on the world's nuclear future?
Is nuclear power safe? What can be done with nuclear waste? How will Japan impact global policy?
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