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Janice Nolen
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Janice Nolen
Assistant Vice President
American Lung Association
Janice Nolen is a recognized expert in lung disease, air quality and tobacco control. For a decade she has been the American Lung Association’s leading air quality spokesperson. She is an appointee to the EPA’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, and creator of the Lung Association’s highly acclaimed annual report on air pollution, the State of the Air.
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Janice Nolen supervises the development of policy positions on lung disease, indoor and outdoor air quality, and tobacco control for the nationwide organization. Having worked on these issues for more than a decade with the Lung Association, she is frequently interviewed by the news media on air quality issues and is a sought after expert by such news outlets as the Associated Press, ABC, CBS, Bloomberg, and Vogue.

An appointee to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, Ms. Nolen represents the Lung Association with its many partners, including other public health and environmental organizations in addition to federal agencies in policy and regulatory issues. Part of her work involves producing the Lung Association’s highly acclaimed annual report card on air pollution, the State of the Air.

She also directs the Lung Association actions in air quality regulatory advocacy and litigation. Most recently, her work in this area resulted in the strengthening of the national air quality standards for ozone air pollution.

Prior to coming to Washington in 2001, Ms. Nolen spent seven years as the Director of Programs for the American Lung Association of Tennessee. There, she led the organization’s air quality, asthma and tobacco control programs and policy implementation at the state and local levels.

In 2000, she was selected to serve as a Tobacco Control Fellow by the Advocacy Institute located in Washington, DC. In 2001, the Governor appointed her to the Tennessee Air Pollution Control Board, the state policy and regulatory agency for air issues. She was awarded the 1996 Tennessee Air Conservationist of the Year by the Tennessee Conservation League and the National Wildlife Federation.

Prior to her work with the American Lung Association, Ms. Nolen spent ten years working with a regional council of governments in Tennessee on community and economic development and alternative transportation. She also served with the Environmental Planning Division of the Tennessee Department of Transportation. She holds a Master of Science degree from Middle Tennessee State University.

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The Green movement wants cleaner air, but is green always healthy?
Concern over climate change and our deteriorating environment have created a new “Green Movement.” But just because it is “green” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Some “solutions” for climate change and energy use can actually lead to air that is more hazardous to our health. Can we can protect our environment and our health at the same time?
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