Barrage of Negative Ads May Haunt President-Elect

John Geer
Nashville, TN

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John Geer, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Political Science
John Geer is a nationally known expert on political campaigns, presidential elections, polling, attack ads and media coverage of politics.
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Geer has written extensively on presidential campaigns, including articles on incivility in campaigns and the impact of negative campaigning on voter participation. His most recent book with University of Chicago Press, In Defense of Negativity, analyzes negative ads during the 1960-2004 presidential campaigns.  He believes negative ads help lead to important discussions of a candidate's qualifications. Geer's research interests are American politics, with a focus on elections, public opinion, polling, media coverage and political communication. Geer is also researching how the news media's coverage of negativity affects campaigns. Geer teaches courses on American politics, elections, the presidency, and most recently, genetics and politics. He has served as the Editor of The Journal of Politics.  He has done extensive interviews with national and international broadcast and print media.

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Negative Ads - Positive Outcomes
According to nationally recognized political campaign expert John Geer, a certain level of negativity in political campaigns serves to address politicians’ weaknesses that are often buried by their campaigns.
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