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Kent D. Kedl

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Kent Kedl
Managing Director, Greater China and North Asia
Control Risks
Kent is a seasoned business executive with over 25 years living and working in China and across Asia, where he has gained deep insight into starting and running successful businesses in high-risk environments. His particular expertise is in bridging the gap between foreign investment and Chinese business practices.
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Kent Kedl joined Control Risks in January 2011 as Managing Director, based in Shanghai.  Kent is responsible for the overall commercial and business operations for Control Risks in Greater China, the Koreas and Mongolia.

Prior to joining Control Risks, Kent was Vice President and General Manager at Technomic Asia, a boutique strategy consulting firm, leading teams in market research and strategy planning with a special focus on the healthcare, consumer products and food and beverage sectors.  His work included investigations of companies prior to a deal (acquisitions, JVs, licensing, franchising, etc.) and deal negotiations to mitigate risks.  Kent’s special expertise lies in helping foreign companies understand the unique challenges in Asia and design and execute strategies to establish and grow sustainable operations.

Kent started working in China in the 1980s, teaching in various Universities in Western and North China.  He also designed and ran private education programs, including a Chinese language school and one of the first University cultural exchange programs in Yunnan Province in 1991.

During the China manufacturing boom in the mid to late '90s, Kent worked for a publicly-traded IT business systems firm, first running their global accounts sales and then the regional professional services practice where he was responsible for starting and managing regional offices throughout Asia.  Subsequently, Kent started an IT and business strategy consulting firm serving the growing group of small- and mid-sized foreign companies entering Asia.

Kent is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in English and an M.A. in East Asian studies.  He also completed graduate studies in journalism and mass communication as a scholar at the China Times Centre for Mass Media and Social Studies.  Kent has worked as a journalist and radio broadcaster, is co-author of The China Ready Company (2006, China Pathways) and is a frequent contributor to Asia-based media outlets.

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Is China becoming a riskier place to do business?
Is China becoming a riskier place to do business? Yes… but with the right approach, it remains an extremely promising market.
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