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Kevin Surace
Sunnyvale, CA

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Kevin Surace
CEO, Serious Materials
Serious Materials, Inc.
Surace has a real-world view on climate change issues, green jobs, product innovation, energy efficiency, building energy retrofits, and bringing back American manufacturing.
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Mr. Surace is Inc. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year for 2009. He is a noted speaker and writer on climate change and the built environment. As CEO of Serious Materials, Kevin leads the company in its mission to reduce energy usage and CO2 generation of the world’s largest contributor, our buildings. 

Before joining Serious Materials in 2002, Mr. Surace held executive and technical positions with Perfect Commerce, General Magic, Air Communications, National Semiconductor, and Seiko-Epson. He received his degree in electrical engineering technology from Rochester Institute of Technology where he currently serves on the Board of Trustees, and has been awarded multiple patents. Mr. Surace also serves on the boards of Array Converter, Zeta Communities, and the Board of Trustees of Rochester Institute of Technology. He holds 9 patents in several fields.

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The Next Industrial Revolution: Innovate, Manufacture, and Install
For a real movement back to prosperity for America, the next Industrial Revolution needs to combine the country’s tradition of manufacturing invention and innovation with the tenets of sustainability.
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