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Kevin S. Travis
New York, NY

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Kevin Travis
Head of UK Business Development
Novantas LLC
Kevin Travis is a banking and financial services expert with specific emphasis on branch location, format and management. Based in New York, he can discuss topics ranging from internet and mobile banking, commercial and corporate banking and customer service.
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New York, NY 10017
United States
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Kevin is a Partner with Novantas in the New York Office. He is a specialist in customer management strategy, with a focus on profitability and customer experience. During his twelve years of banking, entrepreneurial, and consulting experience, he has worked throughout the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Africa and led teams in both strategy development and implementation. 

Kevin's recent work has included developing a value-based marketing plan at a major Latin American insurance company, managing the creation of a customer profitability model at a regional U.S. bank, and improving the campaign management process at an energy marketing company. He has developed and applied innovative techniques for using existing customer and financial data to improve unit profitability, customer value, and operating efficiency. 

Prior to joining Novantas, Kevin was a co-founder and COO of an online financial services company and an executive with Citibank in Europe and Africa. 

Kevin graduated Tufts University in Massachusetts and attended the College of Law in London. 


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Mobile Banking does not have to be a Dialing Disaster
Millions of Americans are now using their smart phones to accomplish what they used to have to do in person with a bank teller. Is checking an account balance or transferring money on-line really safe?
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