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Louis Libin
Woodmere, NY

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Louis Libin
Broad Comm, Inc
Louis Libin is a world-renowned technology expert. He can discuss, among other things, wireless communications, media management, interactive data systems and FCC regulations.
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Woodmere, NY 11598
United States
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Louis Libin is an expert in the development of wireless communications and has over twenty-five years experience in media management, from business and strategy development (former CTO of NBC), project management for developing nations, to serving as the United States spokesman on wireless and interactive data systems the (ITU) UN in Geneva. Well known as a professional advisor in the telecom, software and communications industries. Libin has advised clients regarding FCC issues for over two decades and has been instrumental in preparing and filing hundreds of FCC applications. Libin is the frequency coordinator for New York, and is an advisory board member of NewsCertified Exchange. Libin has been profiled in many newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times.

Libin is founder and President of Broad Comm, Inc., a technology consulting group. Clients include General Electric, NBC, ABC, CBS, Turner, Olympic Committees (now Vancouver), equipment manufacturers, foreign governments and a myriad of media start-ups. Libin was the lead consult for the first AOL TV hardware. Libin also developed the first IPTV set-top box. Libin has successfully served as an officer or director of many companies and has brought alliances to including General Electric, NetWolves, Andrea Electronics, Bioneutral, I2Telecom, Lumio (The virtual keyboard). Libin also advised the US State Department on communications projects, NASA, the NFL, Super Bowl, the NBA, the PGA, among others.

In 2003 won the “Make A Difference” Award, for his work with foster and adoptive children. In 2001, Mr. Libin and his wife Suzy were honored by New York City as Foster Parents of The Year. Louis Libin is also President of the International Board of the Jerusalem College of Technology.

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One size fits all does not work for wireless technology
Wireless technology has revolutionized the way we use the internet, but does a hospital and a stay-at-home mom have the same wireless needs?
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