Global Forum on the Culture of Innovation: Mary Walshok

Mary Walshok
La Jolla, CA

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Mary Walshok, PhD
Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Public Programs/Dean, Extension UC San Diego
University of San Diego
As vice chancellor of public programs at the University of California San Diego, Mary Walshok, who also is dean of the University's Extension programs, can discuss all matters related to education and job creation. Among other topics she is very well versed in employability, career reinvention and the new innovation economy.
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La Jolla, CA 92093
United States
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Author, educator and job creation expert Mary L. Walshok, the dean of University Extension and associate vice chancellor of public programs at the University of California San Diego. She is a thought leader and subject matter expert on employability, career reinvention and the new innovation economy.

As an industrial social scientist studying the dynamics of regional economic growth and transformation, Walshok has been pleasantly surprised by her visits to communities across America most people rarely think of as pockets of innovation and transformation.  Many of these regions take advantage of federal stimulus funds; some are simply organizing at the regional level to re-purpose their existing industrial and commercial capabilities, re-skill their workforce, and restore their previously innovative and entrepreneurial know-how.

Walshok has authored numerous book chapters and articles on the world of work, as well as, Blue Collar Women, andKnowledge Without Boundaries: What America's Research Universities Can Do for the Economy, the Workplace, and the Community. Her soon to be published book is Good Jobs for All: Building an Economy of Innovation.

As head of the continuing education and public programs arm of UC San Diego for nearly three decades, Walshok oversees programs that educate approximately 54,000 enrollees annually, which translates to more than 22,600 students in over 4,600 courses.  Walshok has developed outreach efforts to help accelerate the San Diego region’s economic vitality, assure a globally competitive talent pool and help college graduates transition to employment areas that are in hot growth fields.

During her tenure she has played an active part in helping the University expand its local impact, national reputation and global reach. UC San Diego  -- one of the ten campuses in the world-renowned University of California system -- has rapidly achieved the status as one of the top 50 institutions in the world for higher education and research.

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The whole nation is asking the question: where are the jobs? This is a pressing question for the 8-15 million unemployed and under-employed workers in the United States. Workers thrown out of shrinking sectors like construction, finance and retail lack the skills for growing fields like health care, data mining and accounting. Unless we fully commit to retraining, our workers and companies do not have much of a future.
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