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Masood Farivar
Washington, DC

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Masood Farivar
Manager, Salam Watandar Radio Program in Afghanistan
Masood Farivar, an Afghanistan native and veteran journalist, can discuss topics related to the history of Afghanistan, current day Afghanistan, the Taliban, energy and the importance of communications as a tool for rebuilding a war-torn Afghanistan.
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Masood Farivar is manager of 'Salam Watandar', Internews Network's Afghan radio program production house. Based in Kabul, Farivar oversees the production of six hours a day of original news and cultural programming. Farivar is a gifted professional journalist who returned to Afghanistan to help rebuild his country after the fall of the Taliban in 2001. Through a live satellite broadcast from Kabul, 'Salam Watandar' reaches 37 radio stations in 26 provinces of Afghanistan. Farivar grew up in Afghanistan and took part in the anti-Soviet resistance in the 1980s. He went on to attend Harvard University, where he concentrated in history and political science.  For over a decade, Farivar worked as a New York-based journalist, covering the United Nations and global energy markets for Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal.  In 2007, he returned to his native Afghanistan and transitioned to radio. His freelance reporting has appeared in The Village Voice, Soldier of Fortune, and The New Leader. Farivar is a contributor to "110 Stories", a literary collection about 9/11, and author of the memoir, "Confessions of a Mullah Warrior", published by Atlantic Monthly Press in 2009.

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Local radio programs in Afghanistan can help discourage suicide bombers
Religious scholars can help dissuade potential suicide bombers by discussing the real meaning of the Koran over the airwaves.
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