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Michelle King Robson
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Michelle King Robson
Founder, Chairperson and CEO
Michelle King Robson is a nationally-recognized women’s health advocate who can give a unique perspective of care from the patient’s experience. Michelle travels the world talking to the media about the importance of women advocating for themselves and their loved ones. She can explain to women how they can properly advocate for their own health and wellness when they are faced with virtually any health condition.
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Michelle King Robson is a nationally-recognized women’s health advocate.  She is the Founder, Chairperson and CEO of EmpowHER, a health media company for women. She started the company following her own struggle with a debilitating health issue.

Michelle is a tireless voice for women and the visionary behind EmpowHER. She travels the world talking to women's groups, health care organizations, political leaders, regulatory bodies and the media about women's health and wellness issues. She stresses the importance of women advocating for themselves and their loved ones.

Michelle is no stranger to standing up for the women EmpowHER supports. She has testified before the FDA, and has led the second largest write-in campaign in FDA history for drugs and treatments for women’s health. Her goal is to drive innovation and change in patient experience, health care delivery, and development and approval of health-improving, life-changing medicine, treatments and procedures for women around the world.

Michelle has received numerous awards and citations, including the WNBA Phoenix Mercury’s Inspiring Business Woman Award, which she received at an event that also recognized tennis icon Billie Jean King, the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s Health Communications Award, which she received with fellow award-winner actress Sally Field, and the Arizona State University College of Nursing & Health Innovation’s Discover Award, an honor she received among esteemed recipients including Dr. Richard Carmona, former Surgeon General of the United States.  Michelle was also honored with the Best Supporting Role in a Community Award from the Arthritis Foundation.

Prior to her work at EmpowHER and her philanthropic and community leadership in Arizona, Michelle was the co-owner of Promotional People modeling agency and ran the leasing and commercial management division of real estate agency Carlsberg Management Company in California.

Michelle is a member of the Mayo Clinic Arizona Leadership Council and serves on the Board of Directors for Biltmore Bank of Arizona.

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