What if North Korea Demands the US Live with a Nuclear Country?

Mike Chinoy
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Mike Chinoy
Northeast Asian Expert
US-China Institute, University of Southern California
Mike Chinoy has reported on the Asian region for over 30 years. Now a Senior Fellow at USC U.S.-China Institute, he has just published a major work on North Korea. He has lived in China and visited North Korea over 14 times. He is ready to discuss North Korea, China, and Northeast Asia
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Mike Chinoy has just published: Meltdown: The Inside Story of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis.  Chinoy is a Senior Fellow at USC U.S.-China Institute,  and formerly CNN’s senior Asia correspondent. Drawing on over 200 interviews conducted in Washington, Seoul, Tokyo and other Asian capitals – as well as insights gained from his 14 trips to Pyongyang – Chinoy provides a detailed account of the behind-the-scenes policy debates within the Bush administration and other governments that drove the confrontation over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Mike Chinoy is one of the world’s keenest observers of Asian affairs, having reported on the most important events in the region for almost thirty years.  He has covered North Korea extensively and travelled there 14 times.  In April 1994, he became the first broadcaster to file live TV reports from North Korea, and was the only journalist to travel with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on his historic trip to Pyongyang in June of that year.

Chinoy served as CNN’s Beijing Bureau Chief from 1987 to 1995. During that time he covered the 1989 events at Tiananmen Square, earning the Cable ACE, duPont and Peabody awards. He was also Hong Kong Bureau Chief for five years. His other awards include the Silver Medal from the New York Film Festival and Asian Television Awards for his reporting in Indonesia and Taiwan.

Chinoy earned a B.A. in Chinese Studies from Yale University and an M.A. Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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North Korea finally conducts nuclear test, what now?
North Korea has conducted an underground nuclear test using more sophisticated technology than its previous two attempts, drawing widespread international condemnation. It's the first test carried out under the secretive nation's young leader Kim Jong Un and threatens to undermine an already fragile security situation in the region.
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