Would You Take a Private Equity Investment?

Puneet Mehta
Atlanta, GA

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Puneet Mehta
Local Marketing, Inc.
Puneet Mehta is an Internet marketing and E-commerce expert, with experience in effectively increasing the visibility of a website with efficient marketing strategies.
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Atlanta, GA 30309
United States
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Puneet Mehta, Founder & CEO, created Local Marketing Inc. with one mission: to help local businesses grow and expand through effective local marketing techniques, including online marketing, billboards, print, TV, and radio. Local Marketing Inc. pairs expert marketing with creative and IT development to offer businesses a one-stop shop for all their marketing and advertising needs.

Puneet currently oversees each division of the company in strategy, planning, and production. With over 10 years of experience managing marketing, IT development, sales, and creative teams, Puneet has developed extensive knowledge in managing and growing local businesses. As CEO, Puneet successfully leads marketing efforts, as well as site development and maintenance strategies to support a stable and effective local business. With all efforts tracked via unique phone numbers, web addresses, and more, Puneet and his team have helped local clients increase their business and overall revenue at a very positive ROI.

An expert in driving businesses to achieve top profitability, new customer acquisitions, and ongoing training and support, Puneet not only excels in the work environment, but also encourages his team to succeed.

Puneet has a B.E. in Computer Science, and an MBA from Wake Forest University's Babcock Graduate School of Management. Local Marketing Inc. has quickly put Puneet at the forefront of Atlanta’s local business community. Current Local Marketing Inc. clients include Village Podiatry Centers, The ENT Institute, Saedi & Wells Law Firm, AA Professional Bail Bonding, Victor Alexander, Jr. P.C. Law Firm, and many others in the local space.

Puneet currently lives in Atlanta, GA, and is heavily involved in the city’s local community. He is a member of organizations including Entrepreneur Advisors, The Indus Entrepreneur (TIE), Online Marketing Experts, and E-Commerce Solutions, among others.

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Who says that businesses are not doing well?
The smart marketers keep doing great even in a bad economy.
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