Sewage scam targets householders

Richard Walker
Atlanta, GA

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Richard Walker
President & CEO
The Falcon Group, Falcon IP Capital
Rick Walker's Falcon IP Capital Group specializes in innovation and intellectual property. He is Patent Attorney with a background in engineering and is ready to discuss patents, intellectual property, intellectual property litigation, and strategies for mergers and acquisitions.
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Atlanta, GA 30004
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Rick Walker is the President & CEO of Falcon IP Capital Group, an Atlanta, Georgia – based firm that specializes in innovation and intellectual property consulting. He is also Managing Counsel – Georgia of the law firm of McKoon, Williams & Haun. His areas of legal expertise include business and transactional matters, IP litigation and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, hostile tender offers, and complex corporate governance situations.  He is a Registered Patent Attorney and entrepreneur. 

Rick was named one of the “Latest Generation of Atlanta CEO’s and Power Brokers” by the Atlanta Journal Constitution in April, 2007.  He has counseled the boards of directors of companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, including the CEO’s of CIGNA Insurance, Stanadyne (Moen Faucets), and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Rick also served for fourteen years as Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and General Counsel of a NYSE-listed company, $1 billion in sales when sold.  At that company, he was a member of a three-person executive management team that led growth from about $100 million in sales to almost $1 billion in six years, with a compounded annualized return to shareholders of approximately 30% before it was sold.  That company had 30 plants in 5 countries.

Rick completed the Executive Program at the University of Michigan in residence in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He also holds a JD, Master of Engineering, and BChE (magna cum laude, first in class) from the University of Detroit.  His Bachelor’s degree had a concentration in Process, Manufacturing, and Materials Engineering, and his cooperative training assignments were with an electrical/electronics company.  His Master’s degree had a concentration in Engineering Design and Computer Control.

Rick is an active member of the Society of International Business Fellows. He is the Founder and Chairman fof the Georgia Automotive Manufacturers Association. He is guest lecturer at Emory Law School, Goergia Tech College of Management and the University of Tennessee (Chattanooga). He is also serves on the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. He is a professional violinist and conductor who has performed with the Detroit Symphony and a studio musician with Mowtown Records.

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