How to Play The Energy Crisis

Rick Rule
Carlsbad, CA

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Rick Rule
Founder, Global Resource Investments
Global Resource Investments
Rick Rule is one of the top authorities on investing in natural resources. He can discuss the future of oil pricing and exploration; investing in alternative energy; mining; and portfolio management.
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Carlsbad, CA 92008
United States
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Rick Rule has dedicated his entire life to all aspects of the natural resource industry. At Global,  his team is comprised of industry professionals trained in both the technical and financial aspects of the natural resource industries. This team has developed an in dustry wide reputation for their analytical and implementation skills.

Mr Rule began his resource investing career in 1974, and founded Global Resource Investments in 1992. The firm is the only firm in the United States that is exclusively focussed on natural resource investments, worldwide. Mr Rule, and his firm offer adisory, execution and management  services to corporate, institutional and corporate investors in the agricultural, alternative energy, oil and gas, mining, forestry and water sectors worldwide. The team is especially familiar with natural resource exploration and development in "frontier" and emerging markets.  Mr Rule is also an experienced public speaker, presenting on natural resource topics at up to thirty industry and investment conferences per year. In addition he has been interviewed or recommended by numerous radio, television, newspaper and finanial newsletterson natural resource subjects.


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