Why Does Hip Hop Resonate with Youth?

Rocky D. Williform
Atlanta, GA

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Rocky Williform
Editor-in-Chief & Publisher
As the Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of HipHopBlog.com, the micro-blogging network for Hip-Hop, Rocky Williform can address Hip Hop, music and culture and media.
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Rocky Williform is founder and publisher of HipHopBlog.com, the interactive media network for the Hip-Hop culture. He was also CEO of StreetCred, a social network for Hip-Hop, which he co-founded with actor and superstar rapper, Clifford "T.I." Harris.

Prior to StreetCred, Williform was president of BodyBlocks Nutrition Systems, which he co-founded with, Lloyd Ward, the one-time chairman and CEO of the Maytag Corporation. He also served as vice chairman, heading the company's platform acquisition efforts, leading bids to acquire the $331 million Sara Lee Coffee Division and China's second largest fruit & vegetable juice company. The company would eventually take control of China's largest organic dairy. Williform spun off his significant holdings in the Company in June 2006.

Williform began his professional career as an investment banker at T.R. Winston & Company, a New York investment bank, participating in corporate takeovers. He subsequently became chief executive officer of First Capital, a Dallas based merchant banking firm specializing in small cap growth opportunities.

Williform earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science/psychology from Texas Southern University in Houston, TX. In addition to his professional accomplishments, he has authored and co-authored opinion editorials for national newspapers.

He is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the UNCF Meritorious service award for education fundraising and was named in Who's Who in Entrepreneurship. He periodically serves on panels and speaks on new media and music.

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The Powershift of Music
The music industry is now on the verge of a revolution and there is a completely new transformation of power taking place.
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