Reading the ruler and other signs from North Korea

Scott Snyder
Washington, DC

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Scott Snyder
Senior Fellow for Korea Studies, Director of U.S.-Korea Policy
Council on Foreign Relations
Scott Snyder has over two decades of experience as a policy analyst of Korean and Northeast Asian affairs. He specializes in U.S.-Korea relations and is a frequent visitor to Korea and Northeast Asia.
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Scott Snyder is director of the Center for U.S.-Korea Policy and senior associate of Washington programs in the International Relations program of The Asia Foundation. He joined The Asia Foundation as country representative of Korea in January 2000 and moved to the Washington office in April 2004. Mr. Snyder is also senior associate at Pacific Forum CSIS and was recently named adjunct senior fellow for Korea Studies by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Mr. Snyder was an Asia specialist in the Research and Studies Program of the U.S. Institute of Peace, and served as acting director of Asia Society's Contemporary Affairs Program. He was the recipient of a Pantech Visiting Fellowship at Stanford University's Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center during 2005-2006, and received an Abe Fellowship, administered by the Social Sciences Research Council, in 1998-99.

Mr. Snyder has published numerous op-ed pieces and journal articles and is a frequent commentator on Asian security issues with a particular focus on the Korean peninsula. His latest book, China's Rise and the Two Koreas: Politics, Economics, Security, was published by Lynne Rienner in 2009. Other publications include Paved With Good Intentions: The NGO Experience in North Korea (2003), co-edited with L. Gordon Flake and Negotiating on the Edge: North Korean Negotiating Behavior (1999).

Education: B.A. from Rice University; M.A. from the Regional Studies East Asia Program at Harvard University. Thomas G. Watson Fellow at Yonsei University in South Korea.

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North Korea in Crisis
North Korea’s economic decline over two decades has set the stage for a series of political and international crises, as its own development is out of step with the rest of the world.
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