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Seth Masters
Chief Investment Officer, Asset Allocation
There’s no shortage of investment-related crises in America: How can we best navigate today’s heightened market volatility? How can we ever reach our retirement goals with pensions disappearing and social security in question? Why is investing so hard and how can we simplify the key investment questions? I'm Seth Masters, the Chief Investment Officer of Asset Allocation at AllianceBernstein, responsible for providing portfolio advice for all of our clients, including large corporations and endowments, wealthy families and individual investors. I’ve spent over 20 years at a firm renowned for having the best research into these questions, and would love to share our insights with you.
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United States
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Seth Masters is Chief Investment Officer of Asset Allocation and Bernstein Global Wealth Management and a Partner at AllianceBernstein. He oversees the firm’s asset-allocation portfolios, including Private Client, Target Date, Target Risk, Dynamic Asset Allocation, Inflation Protection and Risk-Management Strategies. In June 2008, Masters was appointed to head AllianceBernstein’s newly formed Defined Contribution business unit. He became CIO of Blend Strategies in 2002 and launched a range of style-blended and asset-allocation services that have since become a significant portion of the firm’s assets. From 1994 to 2002, Masters was CIO of Emerging Markets Value Equities. He joined Bernstein in 1991 as a research analyst covering global financial firms. Over the years, Masters has published numerous articles, including “Is There a Better Way to Rebalance?”; “After the Fall: The Case for Emerging Markets Revisited”; and “The Future of Defined Contribution Pension Plans.” Prior to joining Bernstein, he worked as a senior associate at Booz, Allen & Hamilton from 1986 to 1990 and taught economics in China from 1983 to 1985. Masters earned a BA from Princeton University and an MPhil in economics from Oxford University. He is fluent in French and Mandarin Chinese.

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Creating A Smoother Ride for Investors—Navigating Today’s Market Volatility
A well-designed long-term asset allocation is crucial to the success of any investment program, but even a well-diversified portfolio is vulnerable to large losses, particularly when a financial-market shock occurs.


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