Time is of the essence in Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Shelley M. Deane
Brunswick, ME

International Affairs Politics


Shelley Deane, PhD
Brehon Advisory
Shelley Deane is a conflict analyst at Brehon Advisory. She can discuss the following topics: Middle East Peace & Politics, Mediation, Negotiation, Northern Ireland, Peace Agreements, Development, Paramilitaries, George Mitchell, Decommissioning, IRA, Sinn Fein, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Hizbollah, Hamas, and PLO.
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Brunswick, ME 04011
United States
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Shelley Deane is conflict analyst at Brehon Advisory.  Shelley specializes in the politics of protracted conflicts and associated peace initiatives, particularly in the Middle East. Shelley is a board member at GOAL the Irish Aid Agency. Shelley studies protagonists' political shifts, looking at the way in which 'paramilitaries become parliamentarians' when rebel to political movements morph and change. particularly Sinn Fein, the PLO/Fatah Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Hizbollah. Studies the problems organizations like these face when burdened with a legacy of 'extra-judicial' sources of income, namely corruption, criminality and profiteering.  Shelley's research also considers the role of third parties, mediators, negotiators and peace envoys in persuading protagonists in protracted conflicts to arrive at a political accommodation.


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