About $70 Billion Of Bank Revenue Has Disappeared

Sherief M. Meleis
New York, NY

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Sherief Meleis
Partner and Head of Retail Banking Practice
Sherief Meleis is an expert in banking. He has worked with a majority of large banks on strategic issues and performed constant research on banking trends. He can provide perspectives and research on any issues related to banking in general and retail banking in particular.
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New York, NY 10017
United States
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Sherief  M. Meleis is a highly regarded and respected player in the field of retail banking. He is a Partner and Co-founder of Novantas and is the head of its Retail Banking Practice.  Sherief is also an accomplished writer and speaker.

For nearly 20 years, Sherief has been a consultant to leading financial institutions in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  He is exceptionally skilled in every financial services line of business, with particular emphasis in consumer banking, small business banking, brokerage, and investments.

Sherief is often a featured speaker at industry conferences, including the Bank Administration Institute, American Banker, and Consumer Bankers Association.

He is also a gifted and frequent writer on banking industry topics and has been published or quoted in leading publications including The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, American Banker, Banking Strategies, Commercial Lending Review, and Small Business Banker.

Prior to Novantas he was a Senior Consultant with First Manhattan Consulting Group.  Sherief received his A.B. in Economics, magna cum laude, from Harvard College, and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

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The Revenue Drought in Retail Banking
Banking regulation is having "unintended consequences" by severely impacting bank revenues. Banks are having to substantially re-structure and re-price in order to make up the revenue gap.


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