Meritage CEO Sees a Sustainable Housing Recovery

Steven Hilton
Los Angeles, CA

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Steven Hilton
President and CEO
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Steve Hilton can speak to global and U.S. philanthropy, foundation and non-profit management, the importance of safe water to the developing world's health, how supportive housing changes the lives of the mentally ill homeless, Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Prize, and cutting-edge green design and building which he is implementing at a new campus for the foundation.
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United States
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Steven M. Hilton, grandson of the late hotel entrepreneur who created the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, has worked in the field of philanthropy for more than 25 years. Steven Hilton joined the Foundation in 1983 and has held numerous positions over the years, including Program Assistant, Program Associate, and Vice President of Programs.

He was named President & CEO in 1998 and is in the process of resetting foundation strategy and expanding staff to manage growth made possible by a recent $1.5 billion contribution from his father, Barron Hilton. Hilton today oversees an annual grant making budget of approximately $80 million, divided evenly between U.S. and international humanitarian work.

Most of the Foundation’s grants are applied to long-term projects such as water development in Africa and other countries; housing for the mentally ill homeless; early childhood development for disabled babies and toddlers; youths substance abuse prevention; worldwide blindness prevention and services; and support for the work of Catholic Sisters around the world.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Hilton worked for five years in Alabama, Georgia and California with the Hilton Hotels Corporation.  He was also involved in aquaculture (fish farming) businesses in California and Hawaii. A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Hilton earned his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Hilton serves on the boards of both the Foundation and the Conrad N. Hilton Fund.

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Governments can capitalize on successful foundation initiatives
Foundations often experiment to test ways to attack problems in communities and governments can then take the successful initiatives and scale them up.
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