Ted Piccone Getting Real on Human Rights at the U.N.

Ted Piccone
Washington, DC

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Ted Piccone
Deputy Director Foreign Policy
Brookings Institution
Ted Piccone is a foreign policy and legal expert focusing on issues of U.S. foreign policy, Latin American politics, democracy, human rights, and multilateral affairs.
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Ted Piccone is a Senior Fellow and Deputy Director for Foreign Policy at Brookings. Piccone specializes in U.S.-Latin American relations; global democracy and human rights; and multilateral affairs.

Piccone serves as an advisor to the Club of Madrid and has served on the National Security Council, at the State Department and Pentagon.

Past Positions
Executive Director, Democracy Coalition Project (2001-2008); Senior Advisor and Washington Office Director, Club of Madrid (2003-2008); Associate Director, Policy Planning, State Department (1998-2001); Director, Inter-American Affairs, National Security Council (1996-98); Special Assistant, Office of the Secretary of Defense (1993-96); Counsel, UN Truth Commission for El Salvador (1992); Associate, Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis (1991-93)

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Where does Latin America fall on the Obama administration agenda
The Obama administration can't afford to ignore Latin America's pressing problems including drugs and violence.
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