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Trip Van Noppen
Oakland, CA

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Trip Van Noppen
President, Earthjustice
Trip Van Noppen is president of Earthjustice, a non profit environmental law firm. Earthjustice uses the courts to protect the environment.
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Trip Van Noppen is the  president of Earthjustice, America's biggest non profit environmental law firm.  The 50 plus attorneys at Earthjustice use federal environmental law to protect America's environment and public health.  Earthjustice is a leading legal authority on environmental issues including climate change, clean air and water, endangered species, pesticides, forests, oil and gas extraction and others.

Before coming to Earthjustice, Trip practiced law in Raleigh, NC, specializing in civil rights, employment, environmental, and toxic tort cases. In 1998, he joined the Southern Environmental Law Center. Both in private practice and at SELC, Trip handled a wide variety of environmental cases and cases involving access to the courts. From 2005 - 2007, Trip was Earthjustice's Vice President for Litigation.

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Government Challenged to Tighten up Lax Federal Offshore Oil Regs
Earthjustice is in a number of courts challenging lax federal oversight of offshore exploratory oil drilling. The aim of the lawsuits is to force more protective federal oversight and regulation of the offshore oil industry. Earthjustice also is a stakeholder in a New Orleans federal court case defending the six month deepwater oil drilling moratorium put in place by the Obama administration.
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