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William Green
Washington, DC

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William Green, III
Founder and Managing Partner
TD International, LLC
William Green is the Founder and Managing Partner of TD International, a Washington, D.C.-based strategic advisory and risk management firm. His risk management expertise focuses on targeted due diligence, FCPA compliance investigations and litigation support.
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Washington, DC 20006
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William Green founded TD International, LLC (TDI) in 1999 with the conviction that a discreet, strategic advisory and risk management firm can better respond to the needs of international corporate clients, global investors and governments than large, inflexible information providers.  He built TDI on the premise that clients need timely, accurate and relevant information to make optimal decisions.   

Over the past decade, Mr. Green has managed the steady expansion of TDI’s client base and built a core team of partners – both in-house and strategic - who share his philosophy and have extensive experience in the public and private sectors.   

Mr. Green’s advisory work ranges from crisis management and communications to the development of country and regional business strategies.  His risk management expertise protects the reputations of clients through targeted due diligence, litigation support, and other compliance programs.   

Mr. Green’s clients include multinational energy and chemical companies, aeronautical and defense firms, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, insurance companies, technology firms, accounting firms, public relations firms, the food industry, non-governmental organizations, wealthy individuals, and law firms.

Prior to founding TDI, he served for two years as President of Parvus International, a business intelligence firm.  Mr. Green managed the firm’s restructuring and developed a marketing strategy that resulted in a doubling of the firm's revenues and its ultimate acquisition.

A former officer in the CIA's clandestine service specializing in multilateral affairs within the United Nations, NATO and the European Union frameworks, Mr. Green served in Geneva and Paris and participated in the management of the Anglo-American and U.S.-Canadian intelligence relationships when posted to Washington.

Mr. Green received his M.A. in International Economics and European Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC and Bologna, Italy, and his B.A. in History from Holy Cross College. Mr. Green is fluent in French.

Mr. Green serves on the board of Olton Solutions, a British based firm specializing in exploitation of web based data.

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Corporations need timely and accurate information to make optimal business decisions that protect their reputations and bottom lines.
To succeed in the global economy, many US companies need to operate in emerging markets that are opaque and do not adhere to US business practices or laws. Failure to understand these operating environments is a recipe for disaster. For that reason, US companies need timely and accurate information to make wise business decisions that protect their reputations as well as their bottom lines.
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