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Jim Villwock
Atlanta, GA

Business Education


Jim Villwock

Founder and CEO
Job Doctors International, LLC.
Jim Villwock, founder of Job Doctors International, LLC, is a speaker, author, and thought leader whose expertise is defining how companies, organizations, and employees can be successful in today’s job and economic environment. He is ready to discuss the new leadership success model, how organizations can improve performance through the new technology of teaming, and how to compete for jobs in today’s global economy. He is the creator of the Human Investment Leadership™, Teampreneurship™, and Jobpreneurship™ models that he integrates into “The New Model for Leader, Organizational, and Individual Success.” His books include: Award winning "Jobpreneurship™ 101", "Jobpreneurship™ 201", "Jobpreneurship™ 202", “Whacked Again" and "Trusted Relationships.”


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