What is certification?

NewsCertified's certification standard was developed by veteran journalists to authenticate an individual's interview-readiness – the ability to work effectively with the media to deliver engaging interviews.

Why is certification important?

The media's need for expertise has increased while the resources to identify, screen and assess prospective sources of expertise have decreased. NewsCertified has addressed this challenge by:

  1. Developing a quality standard of interview-readiness, and
  2. Creating a searchable video-driven database that streamlines the process of finding interview-ready experts.
How do we certify?

Before experts can join NewsCertified's Exchange, they must be certified. Certification is per medium and depends on the expert’s ability to demonstrate interview proficiency in television, radio and/or print, as described by NewsCertified's Certification Criteria. Certification is granted at the discretion of NewsCertified.

NewsCertified prepares clients for certification through a customized, executive-style media training course. Working closely with NewsCertified's Media Strategists, who are all seasoned broadcast journalists, clients develop the skills to:

  • Properly prepare for an interview
  • Hone and shape their messages
  • Interact with the media
  • Communicate effectively in any interview setting

For clients who already meet the Certification Criteria and successfully demonstrate that proficiency to NewsCertified, a discounted Listing Only option is available. Contact us for pricing and more information.


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