Expert on Middle East Politics and Mitchell Effect

Abstract: Brehon Advisory Director Shelley Deane has expertise in Middle East politics, conflict and peacemaking transitions.

President Barack  Obama voiced opposition on Thursday to Israeli settlement building but  pressed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to drop his demand for a  freeze before Middle East peace talks can resume.

After an effusive welcome in  Israel, Obama travelled to the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where  disillusioned Palestinians held out little hope that their moment in the  spotlight of a U.S. presidential visit would help revive the peace  process.




Shelley M. Deane
Brunswick, ME

International Affairs Politics


Shelley Deane, PhD

Brehon Advisory
Shelley Deane is a conflict analyst at Brehon Advisory. She can discuss the following topics: Middle East Peace & Politics, Mediation, Negotiation, Northern Ireland, Peace Agreements, Development, Paramilitaries, George Mitchell, Decommissioning, IRA, Sinn Fein, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Hizbollah, Hamas, and PLO.


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