Traditional media alone is only part of the picture.

The real-time web makes a tremendous amount of information available to journalists in real-time. As resources in newsrooms decline and content demands increase, social media sites offer a powerful means of identifying trends and finding people who can speak to those trends.

However, studies indicate and testimony confirms that even as journalists embrace the bounty of the real-time web, they distrust much of its content. To fill this trust gap – and in response to requests from NCE’s journalists, experts and PR reps – NCE is extending its certification standard for media communications skills beyond the boundaries of its own platform, the Exchange, and into the wild west of the real-time web.

Introducing NCE Social Media Management Services.

For thought leaders, social media offers a wealth of opportunities, not only to contribute to and comment on content created by professionals but also to become content creators in their own right, establishing credibility and sharing ideas with journalists, consumers, peers and other influencers.

NCE helps experts create an integrated personal media brand, shaping this brand against a blue-chip journalist gold standard. By applying the traditional values of professional journalism to creating a social media presence for experts, NCE is turning thought leaders into rich sources of timely, relevant and engaging content, enabling them be heard above the noise and maximizing the value of their professional reputations.